Painting the Morris CS9 Armoured Car

The Morris CS9/Light Armoured Car was a British armoured car used by the British Army in the World War II. The vehicle was based on a Morris Commercial C9 4×2 15-cwt truck chassis. On this chassis a rivetted hull was mounted with an open-topped two-man turret. The armament consisted of either Boys anti-tank rifle and Bren light machine gun or Vickers machine gun. 

I have the Bolt Action Morris CS9 Armoured Car resin kit. Having constructed the model and given it a white undercoat. I then gave the model a base coat of Cruiser Tank Green (700).

Another view.

I wasn’t too happy with it, so after a while I decided to give the model another basecoat of Army Green Spray from the Army Painter range.

The green is very similar. Then spray gave the model a smoother finish.

Once dry I masked the model with blu-tak. 

I tried to copy the camouflage pattern as shown in the 1940 photograph.

Morris CS9/Light Armoured Car

I then used a Humbrol Tank Grey 67 spray for the dark colour.

The other side.

The next stage will be painting the tyres and detailing.

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