Ork Trukk – step by step painting guide on its way, first the models themselves…

On my workbench I already have some information on how I painted my Ork Trukk.

However as of now there are only photographs of the painted model available. This was in the main as I painted the model before I started the workbench feature on the website.

I recently managed to acquire a new Trukk model therefore will be updating the page to show a step by step guide.

Generally I try and build as much of the model as possible to avoid having to glue painted parts together… with this model the only bitz left off are the crew, the weapons and the front armour plate.

I have also added (though not seen) a spanner and a shotgun to the model.

The crew are painted separately as I would find it too difficult to paint them in situ.

You can tell the age of the Trukk model, as these are Gorkamorka era models and bear little resemblance to the newer Ork models.

I believe that when Orks Codex is re-done there will be a new plastic Ork vehicle, potentially a new Trukk or probably a Battlewagon.

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