Ork Looted Rhino Right Side

Having finished the left side, I started on the right side. Aiming for a similar but different effect.

I stuck the real door in and then added two “added” doors made from plasticard. These were suitably weathered.

I then added rivets from sliced plastic rod and hinges from the same rod.

Rather than use armour plate, I used strips of plasticard (weathered) vertically to create some additional armour which were then held in place by strips placed horizontally and then “riveted” into place.

I also added some further weathering to the actual hull and exhausts of the model as well.

Further rivets were added as well as some additional armour plate.

This picture shows how the right side looks on the *whole* Rhino.

One thing I will need to do after I have stuck it together is to add additional armour plate in these areas.

The problem with doing it now is that then I can’t fit it together!

Next stage is undercoating.

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