Ork Heavy Support

The more I look at my Ork army, especially the unpainted stuff, I start to realise how unbalanced the force is. I have way too much Heavy Support and much less of everything else.

I have very few HQ and Elite units, though in comparison more Troops and Fast Attack types.

Why is this?

Forge World to be honest.

Can I help it that they make such wonderful Ork vehicles and tanks? The recent new stuff is fantastic.

Not really sure what to do about it. Well I like the models so getting rid of them is not an option. I also dong want to spend more money building up my other non-Heavy Support units.

Don’t get me wrong the force is ideal for Apocalypse. So it’s also not like that I can’t use the models either.

To be honest I think the only real solution us for my opponent to invest in a ShadowSword.

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