New Deffkoptaz

Two new Deffkoptaz for my Ork army on their way…

I really like the Ork Deffkopta model, I even liked it when it was released for Gorkamorka (even though I was not a great fan of Gorkamorka). I actually bought one at the time (originally to use in Flintloque). It stayed in its blister until I started playing Warhammer 40K again and it has done some good service.

Here is a picture of it as a work in progress.

Ork Deffkoptaz

I was recently given two more for a birthday present.

Though I really like the pilot figure, it would have looked rather “uniform” to have three identical models (especially in an Ork army).

Therefore I had to convert the two pilot models, using components from the original pilot, his legs and arm, and bits from the plastic Ork Boyz sprue.

I also wanted the Koptas to look different as well. Originally I had thought of adding a superstructure or cockpit, but in the end kept it very simple, with little extras from the Ork Dreadnought sprue, epic scale Pulsa Rokkits and using the four blade rotars on one model and the three blades on the other (rather than one of each as seen in the picture above).

I am pleased with the results and will take some photographs soon.

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