Morghast Archai

Morghast Archai as seen through the window at Games Workshop.

Morghast Archai

The Archai are Nagash’s elite guard and the greatest of the Morghast. Only Nagash’s closest lieutenants can command them and only the mightiest heroes of the mortal race have the power to defeat them.

This multi-part plastic kit can be assembled as two Morghast Archai. They are clad in ebon-wrought armour which channels the magic of the world into their accursed forms. Possessed with the might of demigods, they wield swords and glaives that blaze with the spirit energies of the slain, the souls trapped within driven to drag others to share their fate.

You have to admit that the quantity, quality and complexity of the plastic kits that are coming out of Games Workshop are so much superior to the kits they produced ten years ago.

The full rules for using Morghast Archai in games of Warhammer are included in Warhammer: Nagash.

If you want to read more about Nagash, then it might be wortjwhile having a read of The Return of Nagash.

The End Times are coming. As the forces of Chaos threaten to drown the world in madness, Mannfred von Carstein and Arkhan the Black put aside their difference and plot to resurrect the one being with the power to stand against the servants of the Ruinous Powers and restore order to the world – the Great Necromancer himself. As they set about gathering artefacts to use in their dark ritual, armies converge on Sylvania, intent on stopping them. But Arkhan and Mannfred are determined to complete their task. No matter the cost, Nagash must rise again. Read this because The original bad guy of the Warhammer world returns for the End Times, ready to destroy the land of the living and begin a new age of undeath. If you like Warhammer, this is a must read — nothing that has ever happened within the Old World or without has been more pivotal to the future of the Warhammer setting.

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