Mark IIb Land Raider

This Mark IIb Land Raider was on display at Warhammer World in the Battle of Signus Prime diorama.

This is one of my favourite Forge World models.

The Mark IIb Land Raider Phobos is one of the earliest marks of the standard pattern of Land Raider, and it still bears similarities to both the Land Raider Proteus and the Spartan Assault Tank that served as the models for the design. The Mark IIb Land Raider Phobos is the only pattern of the standard Land Raider Phobos that uses the older armoured sponsons, as they do not allow the weapons they hold to fully rotate. This pattern of Land Raider is mostly extinct within Space Marine Armouries, having been replaced with newer marks and patterns of the standard Land Raider Phobos. However, some Chapters may still possess one or two as treasured relics of their ancient past.

MkIIb Land Raider Miniatures Gallery.

My own MkIIb Land Raider on the workbench. When I first started putting this force together I knew that if I was going to get a Land Raider it would have to be the Forgeworld MkIIB Land Raider.

Sadly the model is now no longer available from Forge World.

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