Malto Cortese – Tally Ho!

Malto Cortese is a really nice sculptured model and quite different to the other miniatures in the A League of Exceptional Gentleman – DA012 range.

I think this will be a really useful model for Victorian Science Fiction scenarios, he looks like a Steam Tank or Ether Flyer Captain rather than a Darkest Africa explorer. His expression of determination really comes out in the model and he looks like an individual who you wouldn’t want to cross.
Simon has this model and here is his painted version.

Malto Cortese - Tally Ho! Workbench

This is the painted version from the Foundry website.

Malto Cortese - Tally Ho! Workbench

After basing the model on a two pence piece, I gave the model a white undercoat.

I don’t know if I will give him a blue uniform, I might go for more of a desert khaki look instead.

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