Making the Killa Kans

The instructions for the Killa Kans are very clear and straightforward, even so there are additional instructions available online on the GW website.

I decided to make mine up as they were on the sprues. It’s not quite one per sprue, but near enough. If I decide to buy another set I will then mix and interchange the parts (and possibly do some conversions).

The first I made up with a Rokkit Launcha, and putting the weapon was probably the most difficult bit of all three models as I didn’t really read the instructions properly and didn’t realise that there was a third component that needed to fit between the two sides of the weapon.



The second one I added a Skorcha. I do think some of the assault arms are a bit big for the size of model and I think I would have preferred it if they were a little smaller. Maybe next time a little conversion work to make the assault weapon arms slightly less large!



The third model has the Grotzooka. A few issues putting the weapon together, but apart from that the rest of the model went together really easily.



These are really nice models and go together quite easily. In many ways I much prefer them over the older metal versions.

More soon.

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