Kobblestone Buildings

Kobblestones Buildings

I really do quite like these buildings from Kobblestone Miniatures. Their website talks about using them for World War Two, I am not sure if they aren’t a little too “fantasy”, but then again a lot of European villages and towns were medieval in their centres, it wasn’t until the Allies and the Germans bombed and shelled them to pieces that they were rebuilt in a “modern” style. This photograph does show the potential.

Kobblestones Buildings

What do you think?

I think the only thing that is stopping me, is a) I usually play World War Two in 15mm, b) by the time you have bought an entire building, they are not that cheap. Building a town like in the photographs would cost a fair bit of cash, c) they are based in Canada, so the prices would also incur import duty and VAT if I sent off for any.

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