Incom T-47 Snowspeeder parts

The Incom T-47 Snowspeeder is a two-person, all-terrain vehicle used by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.

Incom T-47 Snowspeeder flying towards an Imperial AT-AT Walker.

Though you can get an “official” Snowspeeder model for Star Wars Legion, I have been thinking for a while about getting the Revell 1/52nd scale model kit of the Snowspeeder. Mainly as I wanted to use it as scenery (more than as a vehicle in the game) and partly down to cost. The Revell kit was £8 and the “official” Snowspeeder model was over £30 when I last looked on Amazon.

Incom T-47 Snowspeeder

The kit contains 23 parts across four sprues.

I was disappointed with the size of the crew figures, for what is described as 1/52nd scale. They are really tiny.

The nest stage will be painting some components black before constructing the model.

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