In the end I bought…

The other day I wrote about the problem I had with an old can of Team Yankee Chieftain Green and painting the base coat of my Bolt Action Home Guard Mark IV (male) World War One Tank. 

I did look at possible alternatives, attempting to find a new paint which matched the colour of Team Yankee Chieftain Green.

There are various conversion charts available online and it was clear from a couple that Vallejo Model Color 894 Russian Uniform was a match.

My local FLGS however doesn’t sell Vallejo paints, it stocks Citadel and The Army Painter range. Finding a match with those was more challenging.

In the end I decided I really didn’t need to worry. The Home Guard Mark IV (male) World War One Tank could probably be any shade of (army) green.

So I bought a can of Army Green Spray from he Army Painter range.

Back home I gave the Mark IV a base coat and I am quite pleased with the final shade.

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