Imperial Guard “Comedy” BaneBlade

Today I had my first game of Warhammer 40K fifth edition. Set in the ruins of an Imperial City, a force of Orks tried to take over a ruined tank factory. An opposing force of Imperial Guard were tasked with stopping them.

In turn four, I allowed Simon to bring on his new Imperial Guard BaneBlade.

Imperial Guard BaneBlade

It was interesting playing to the new rules, you have to remind yourself to remove your assumptions based on the fourth edition.

Simon’s BaneBlade which is nearly finished is very BIG! He’s done a really nice job on it and it looked very impressive on the battlefield. Though it couldn’t hit much on the table and when it did, it did very little damage. It actually did more damage to itself when its forward Demolisher Cannon “missed” its target and hit itself!

I expect in the next game it will do more damage – I am going to need something to take it out!

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