Honoured Imperium Broken Aquila

These have been in storage for a while now, it was back in 2011 that I gave the models a basecoat of Humbrol Sea Grey spray paint.

The broken Aquila was a very flat grey.

Honoured Imperium Broken Aquila

I then used a variety of greys and drybushed them on.

Honoured Imperium Broken Aquila

Honoured Imperium Broken Aquila

I was originally going to keep the whole model grey, but I am now thinking I might add more scenic and foliage and rather than have it as a recently broken Aquila, have it as one that was broken some time ago and nature has over time grown around it. The Imperium has been around for ages and so it still fits the fluff. It was seeing a ruined Imperial City in the jungle in a copy of White Dwarf a few years back that inspired me to think about going down this route.

This scenery that was also on display at GamesDay 2009 always impressed me.


Taking the Imperial Ruins, painting them stone in colour and adding overgrown jungle foliage and roots was always in my opinion an inspired move.

I am going to do something similar with my broken Aquila.

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