Hadn’t seen that before! – Team Yankee Challenger I

So there I was flicking through the November issue of Wargames Illustrated when there was a Battlefront advert for a Team Yankee British army deal. Oh I thought just another way of getting some more Chieftain MBTs…

Hold on…

What’s that?

Team Yankee Challenger I

It’s a Challenger I for Team Yankee.

I hadn’t seen that before, or even heard it was coming out.

In the same Army Deal you get along with the five Challenger I tanks, two Lynx helicopters, two MLRS Rocket Launchers, two Chieftain tanks, two Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles with Milans, two Scorpion tanks and four Fox Armoured Cars.

I don’t recall seeing the Fox Armoured Cars either…

Fox Armoured Cars

The models look great.

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