Grey Knights Jetbike

The greatest threat to the Imperium of Man is, and has always been, the followers of Chaos and the foul daemons of the Warp. The Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus, the Daemonhunters, are at war with forces too terrible to comprehend and, together with the holy warriors of the Grey Knights, they must take the light of the Emperor into the darkness. The threat of the daemonic is so great that only these heroic warriors have the necessary skills and knowledge to stand against such diabolical foes.

When the Dark Angels were released I really liked the Master of the Ravenwing on the “last” remaining Imperial Jetbike.

Master Sammael of the Ravenwing is a true Angel of Death. From the saddle of his jetbike he cuts down any foolish enough to stand in his path with the infamous Raven Sword, its blade cut from the same meteorite as the Sword of Secrets. A highly accomplished hunter of The Fallen, Sammael is rightly honoured by his brethren and he is feared by his foes as few other holders of his rank have ever been.

So much so I knew I had to get one for my Grey Knights army, possibly maybe more than one!  If anyone other than the Master of the Ravenwing was going to have arcane technology it would be the Grey Knights!

This is as far as I have got putting the jetbike together.

See my Grey Knights and Daemonhunters workbench.

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