Free Uncharted Seas Rules Download

Unchartered Seas Rules

Spartan Games are allowing you to download their fantasy naval rules, Uncharted Seas for free.

Set in an exciting and deadly fantasy realm, the Uncharted Seas is a fast paced naval game that delivers plenty of fun as you game with our stunningly detailed miniatures. In this fantastical realm you will recreate in miniature the exploits of various races, including the Dragon Lords, Iron Dwarves, Imperial Humans, Shroud Mages, Bone Griffons, Orc Raiders, Thaniras Elves, Ralgard and the Sky Pirates.

Spartan Games are also offering 30% of any Uncharted Seas models, including scenery. Thinking that Lighthouse would be ideal for Dystopian Wars!!!

Download the rules and fleet PDFs from here. Update: Link no longer works following demise of Spartan Games.

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