Forgeworld Newsletter #142


It’s time for another issue of the Forge World Newsletter. In this edition we have some new Cadian models to show you, another variant on the deadly Broadside battlesuit and some great new Black Templars Rhino and Land Raider door sets as well.

Ewen Little,
Forge World.

New Cadian Special Weapons

Carrying on from our recent Cadian infantry releases, we have two more great new Cadian figures to show you. Mark Bedford has made a model of a Respirator equipped Cadian with Plasma Gun and another armed with a Meltagun. This pack of two models will come as complete multi-part models with separate legs, torsos, heads, backpacks and accessories such as pouches etc. Of course, these new models are perfectly compatible with the rest of the Forge World and Games Workshop range of Cadians. I like these new heads Mark has made: They have a little flip-up monocular on the side of the helmet as an aid for targeting. I think they are really cool!

Tau Broadside with Plasma Rifles

Tau force commanders will soon be able to deploy the hitherto unavailable Broadside battlesuit variant, armed with twin-linked plasma rifles in place of the smart missile system. Will Hayes just finished work on this yesterday, so web-guy Paul grabbed it to photograph and get it into the newsletter at the last possible moment. The model uses almost all the components from Will’s original Broadside released last November, of course adding in two nice shoulder-mounted plasma rifles and a great new head.

New Black Templars Rhino and Land Raider doors

With the release of Codex Black Templars fresh in a lot of peoples’ minds, our original plan was to make sets of Veteran Black Templars doors for both Rhinos and Land Raiders. These stalwart warriors deserve that little bit extra ornamentation to raise them above their battle brothers and their vehicles should be no exception. These two new sets of doors do that quite magnificently with large, beautifully crafted icons proudly on display for all to see. There is of course no reason not to use these new door sets to adorn the vehicles for ‘normal’ squads within your Black Templars army if you’d rather. Together with the existing sets of Black Templars Rhino and Land Raider doors, these new sets allow even more ways of super-detailing and personalising your fighting force.

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