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Earlier this week I saw the very first examples of our latest etched brass sheets that had just been delivered, more on that a little later. Photographer and web-guy Paul has also snapped off a few photos of some work-in-progress projects that we can share with you as well as a list of some more models and kits you can expect to see next year. Have a good look and enjoy!

Ewen Little,
Forge World.

Ultramarines Etched Brass Icons – Available NOW!
I really do have to say that these etched brass sheets that we have been releasing over the past month or two are downright marvellous and the latest addition to the range is no exception! The sheet has lots and lots of individual badges that can be used on almost any Ultramarines model, from a squad of Space Marines, Dreadnoughts through to tanks, bikes and even buildings. The icons really are finely detailed and can easily be used without any paint whatsoever as you can see from the pictures on the attached link. Paul, our resident Ultramarines collector, ‘liberated’ one of the two sheets we received and promptly used it. ‘Just to test they worked okay!’ was his defence. A phone call this morning confirmed that a big box of Ultramarines Etched Brass Icons has been completed and will be with us first thing on Monday morning. Armed with this information, I am pleased to say that sheets of Ultramarines Etched Brass Icons are available to order over the phone and at the Forge World online store right now for release next week!

Even now it is still not too late; Forge World can still deliver in time for Christmas!
If you want to place a mail order with Forge World for delivery before Christmas then we can still deliver in time, to anywhere at all in the world! For delivery to any country except the UK you have to choose our ‘UPS Express Delivery’ option as the final order dates for airmail have long since passed. We need to receive the last orders by Friday December 16th at the latest please. If we are to deliver orders to addresses in the UK by First Class post then we need to receive them by Monday December 12th at the latest. After that the only sure way is to upgrade the delivery to our ‘Royal Mail Special Delivery’ option for which the deadline is Monday December 19th. Please note that these dates are not recommended order dates. These are the absolute latest you can place an order to receive it one or two days before Christmas. If you want to place a mail order with Forge World for a Christmas present, PLEASE get it to us as soon as you can! If you have any questions on ordering for Christmas that I have not covered here please give us a call or send us an email so we can help you out.

More Sneak Previews – Work in progress
Take a look at the link just below where, for your perusal and gratification, we have a couple of photos of work-in-progress projects. Firstly we have a in-complete conversion kit for the Eldar Falcon that changes the design of the turret and the rear of the hull to give a more flowing shape reminiscent of the Forge World Scorpion II. I like the way that this kit is looking so far and I think I can see a Falcon or two appearing in my new Eldar army before too long… Next up is an un-finished Thunderhawk Transporter cargo pod. We see this being used by Space Marines for deploying smaller units of Bikes, Landspeeders, ammunition and supplies and the like directly to where they are needed. I can see lots of uses for this, so I really am looking forward to seeing what we do with the cargo pod. And to finish off today we have a few more new projects to add to the list we gave you in the last newsletter. We will continue to release more etched brass sheets next year and we are currently working on one for the Black Templars and another for the Red Scorpions. You’ll be hearing a lot more about the Red Scorpions over the coming months as they are the Marine Chapter that fought alongside Imperial Guard regiments during the Anphelion Project, the subject of Imperial Armour Volume 4. Following on, we will be releasing Red Scorpions conversion kits for both Terminators and power-armoured Space Marines too.

Just back in stock! The Ruined Watchtower of Amon Sûl on Weathertop hill
We have just this afternoon received a very few Ruined Watchtower of Amon Sûl on the hill of Weathertop, scene of the encounter between Strider and the Hobbits verses the evil Ringwraiths from The Fellowship of the Ring. This magnificent scenery piece measures over 400mm/16 inches across and would make a tremendous focal point in any themed Lord of the Rings table. This lovely piece of terrain will only be available while stocks last, so if you want to be sure of owning a ‘Weathertop’ please don’t wait, because when they are gone we probably won’t get any more for quite some time!

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