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Epic Ork BattlewagonHi and welcome to an issue of the Forge World Newsletter that is packed full of good things to look at. All the new models we’ll show you today are being released at the end of May but are available to pre-order right now. Have a good look and enjoy!

Ewen Little,
Forge World.

New Tau Shas’o Battlesuit identified!
Imperial intelligence agents have identified a new type of Shas’o Battlesuit. First encountered during fierce fighting on Taros, the Tau supreme commander, one Shas’o R’myr, personally took to the field. He appears to have been equipped with the most up-to-date evolution of the Crisis Battlesuit, equipped with systems as yet unavailable to other Battlesuits. The Shas’o R’myr model is armed with a twin-linked plasma rifles and a shield generator and we have experimental rules available to download from the Forge World website until the finalised rules are released in ‘Imperial Armour Volume 3: The Taros Campaign’. This new model stands just a little bit taller than a regular XV8 but is a lot bulkier, and quite nasty looking too!

Essential upgrades for Space Marine Terminators.
As soon as we saw the new plastic Space Marine Terminators, we knew we just had to make some extra pieces and upgrades for these excellent new models. This pack of Ultramarine Terminator Shoulder Pads is just the first in a range that will be released over the coming months. The pack contains ten shoulder pads, five proudly displaying the Crux Terminatus and five different shoulder pads carrying the Ultramarines Chapter icon as well as various purity seals and honour badges. My own Terminators are a focal point of my army and the addition of a set of finely detailed shoulder pads this summer will make them that bit more special and of course they will then fight even better!

‘Sabre-toothed’ Tiger Shark?
Until the Taros campaign the Tau had few weapons capable of stopping Imperial Titans and super-heavy tanks. The Tiger Shark seemed to be the ideal vehicle to transform into a formidable ground attack weapon, as it combined speed and manouverability with the capacity to carry a fearsome array of weapons. This new variant of the Tiger Shark is equipped with two heavy railguns (usually found in the far larger Manta) and a combination seeker missile and markerlight system. Upon its initial deployment against forces of the Imperium on Taros it was discovered that the AX-1-0, as this new variant was codified by the Imperium, also retained its missile racks and drone controlled burst cannon. At the time of writing I have yet to see the experimental rules for the new Tiger Shark AX-1-0, but my Blood Reavers Space Marines have just put in a requisition for a Whirlwind Hyperios.

New Tallarn Rough Riders, but no horses to be seen!
Some Tallarn regiment’s Rough Rider squadrons ride large xeno-mounts, called Mukaali. These desert-dwelling herbivores are indigenous to the vast equatorial deserts of Goru-Prime. Many Mukaali have been transported to other desert worlds, including Tallarn itself, because of their superior evolutionary advantages in dry desert conditions when compared to horses. A Mukaali’s main advantage over a horse is its exceptional endurance and load bearing ability. These three new Tallarn Mukaali Rough Rider models make a great alternative to the more usual horse mounted Imperial Guard. You’ll be able to find more background and history on the Tallarn’s use of Mukaali in ‘Imperial Armour Volume 3: The Taros Campaign’ later this summer.

And there’s more…
We have a few more smaller new models that are also available to pre-order from today. Firstly we have a great little pack of Epic 40,000 scale Ork Battlewagons. I really like the tiny gunners and the twin-linked Big Shootas on each side of the Battlewagon. Next is the BFG Courier which is used by the Tau to transport equipment and supplies within their Empire. Lastly we have a Space Marine Whirlwind Minefield Marker. Covered in mines, these markers are the exact same size as the Ordnance Templates used by the Whirlwind when firing Castellan missiles and could be handy when you want to lay down several minefields across the battlefield.

Final call for Vienna and Baltimore!
This Sunday, Shep and I will be in Vienna representing Forge World at the Vienna Gaming Day being organised and run by Games Workshop Germany. We are taking a display cabinet full of painted models to display and have sent over a large pile of our models that will be on sale all day. I’m hardly back in Nottingham before I scream back over to the USA again, this time for Games Day Baltimore. I won’t be alone though; Tony and Warwick are coming along to talk about and show off sections from the forthcoming ‘Imperial Armour Volume 3: The Taros Campaign’. Tony will of course be hosting one of his very popular (and funny) Forge World Seminars again this year so try not to miss that if you can. Dean, Tris and I will be meeting up with Steve and John, two of our US Outriders, and together we will be running a huge Forge World sales stand. If you want a little bit more information on either of these events you can find links from the Forge World events page and we look forward to seeing lots of you there.

All available to pre-order right now…
Shas’o R’myr, the Tiger Shark AX-1-0, Tallarn Mukaali Rough Riders and all the other new models we have shown you today are available to pre-order on the Forge World online store right now. All the models are released from the 30th of May and orders will be sent out in the same order that we receive them.

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