Forgeworld Newsletter #116


Welcome to the second issue of our new look Forge World Newsletter. The big news in this issue is our last set of Elysian Drop Troop releases for this Spring. There are also some updated information for one of the events Forge World is going to over the next few weeks too.

Ewen Little.
Forge World

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Elysian Drop Sentinel

As we’ve pointed out on several occasions, Imperial Drop Troop regiments like the Elysians often lack the support of heavy armour and artillery and have to fit what they need into the cargo bay of Valkyries. Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of equipment you can fit into a Valkyrie is a Sentinel. No, we really mean it. Will Hayes made a set of folded legs just to prove to us that the Sentinel fits inside. This variant of the ubiquitous Sentinel incorporates a large Grav Chute system into the body so it can be deployed right at the start of the drop and utilise it’s mobility and firepower to help secure the landing zone. You can see the Grav Chutes at the front and the rear of the Sentinel’s body as well as the different cockpit and engine configuration that makes this variant stand out. The Drop Sentinel kit includes both a Heavy Bolter and the Multi-Melta shown, giving Elysian commanders the choice of deploying their Sentinels for an anti-tank or anti-personnel role.

Elysian Heavy Bolter Squad

I think this new Elysian Heavy Weapons Squad is really very nice. Something I like across the whole Elysian range of models is that the bigger weapons are quite obviously heavy. Something as large as a Heavy Bolter would weigh a fair bit, even allowing for plastic components, and there is no way a mere Imperial Guardsmen could move or fire one of these monster weapons without help. I also like that each weapons team is carrying a decent amount of ammunition as I can see Heavy Bolters being quite greedy and the shells aren’t that small either. Of course my favourite is the team using the drop canister they just got their weapon from as a firing platform. Mmm, big guns gooood!

Elysian Command HQ Squad

Now that we’ve shown you the muscle the Elysians can flex, we need to show you the brains as well. The Command HQ Squad is the senior Elysian officer leading the assault will direct the forces under his command both via the Vox-Operator attached to his squad and orders shouted to nearer sub-unit commanders. The Command HQ squad can also be a powerful fighting unit, with access to equipment and weapons denied to lesser squads. Our officer seems to be looking for a scrap as he is armed with a really nice new powerfist as well as his laspistol. The squad also enjoys the dubious benefit of having one Trooper armed with a Plasma gun, obviously a bit of a gambler, so the inclusion of a Medic in the squad looks to be a good idea.

Elysian Drop Zone Equipment

The first Elysians on the ground set up landing beacons to visually guide in the first wave of Drop Troops to the LZ. They also set up transponders for the second and subsequent waves of reinforcements to home in on from long range. When Elysian Drop Troops make a grav chute assault they do so carrying their personal weapons and equipment but still need a way of getting Heavy Bolters, Mortars and other heavy equipment etc down to the LZ. The Elysians do something really quite simple. They put everything into canisters, mount a heavy duty grav chute on one end and chuck them out the back of the Valkyries and jump out after them. The rest is just war.

Forge World & Games Day Atlanta

Simon Kirkham and I fly over to Atlanta on Thursday to get all set up for Games Day Atlanta which is being held this Saturday. This is our first visit to Atlanta and we are really looking forward to spending a few days there. Apart from working on the Forge World sales stand during Games Day we shall also be taking a good look at the Golden Demon painting competition. At each Games Day that Forge World attends, we choose what we consider to be the best entry from either the Warhammer Monster or Warhammer 40,000 Vehicle categories to receive the Forge World Best of Show Award. Right now we are putting the finishing touches to some new sets of display models to take with us. We should have pretty much a full selection of Elysian Drop Troop Squads on display, including the brand new ones we have shown you today. If you are coming to Games Day Atlanta then do come and take a look.

All These New Models Are Available To Pre-order Right Now!

All of the new Elysian models we have shown you today will be released and shipped out from Monday April 11th. We always ship out pre-orders in the same order that we receive them. What does this mean? If you pre-order early, you are one of the first people to get them, and of course we do not charge your card until we are just about to ship your order to you too. All of these new Elysians are available to pre-order right now over the phone and at our online store.


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