Forgeworld Newsletter #115

More Elysians and the return of the large Space Marine…


Welcome to the latest Forge World newsletter. In this issue we have some work-in-progress photos to show you, as well as the next couple of new releases for our very popular Elysian Drop Troops.

Ogre Rhinox Cavalry

Ogre Rhinox Cavalry spotted on the horizon!

When I was in Chicago last summer for Games Day, Phil Kelly first mentioned to me this mad idea the GW Studio had had of Ogres charging into battle on top of great big Rhinox. When I got back here I talked to the boss and he talked to a few people over in the GW Studio. Next thing you know is that this mad idea starts to look like not being quite that mad after all. The link below shows a couple of photos of our first unfinished Rhinox. The man putting all the hard work into sculpting this beast is Daniel Cockersell, who has made many Forge World monsters for 40K and Warhammer including the Bloodthirster and brand new Chaos Dragon. The other week Phil sent us over a draft of some rules to look at. Ohmigod! I know it was just a draft and I know they need to be play-tested, but Rhinox cavalry are going to be pretty damned hard! The plan at the moment is for Daniel to make a few different Rhinox and then he’ll, well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it? I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this exciting project in another newsletter in the near future.

Elysian Tank Hunters

As Elysian Drop troops often operate without the benefit of support from heavy armour such as Leman Russ tanks, they have to depend heavily on their own Heavy Weapon and Support Squads. This version of the Support Squad has been set up to give enemy tanks a seriously hard time with its three Meltaguns. The gunners run to get into a firing position whilst being covered by the other lasgun equipped squad members. Dropping down to take aim, (and to try to make themselves smaller targets!), The Elysian gunners can then use the horrific short range power of their Meltaguns to blast enemy tanks, bunkers or even heavily armoured troops into smoking ruins. (Mmm, I think I LIKE Meltaguns.)

Elysian Equipment Pack

Next today we have a pack of Elysian equipment. The pack contains a whole pile of grenades and equipment pouches of varying sizes. A couple of Medipacks are in there too, as Veterans do seem keen on staying alive, some Demo Charges and ammo for a Heavy Bolter and Missile Launcher as well. You can use these bits to further personalise your models, perhaps even using them to make your own Veterans.

Giant 120mm Scale Imperial Space Marine

Here’s a real blast from the past. Our 120mm scale Imperial Space Marine was one of the very first models released by Forge World six years ago, and he has been out of production for over two years and so might be new to quite a lot of you. If you take a look at the instructions on the link below, you’ll see that the Space Marine comes in quite a number of parts and that the shape of the joints between the arms, legs body and head allow for a reasonable amount of posing. There are some nice little accessories in the kit too. The combat knife can be mounted as a bayonet or slid into the scabbard. There are two heads in the box, one standard Mk7 helmet and a bare head with great facial detail. That gorgeous detailed base is also part of the set with the loose skull and section of pillar too. Grenades, pouches and a bolt pistol all go to finish off this example of the Imperium’s finest. We’ve only managed to cast up a limited number of this big, big Marine and when these sell out, (and they will!), he won’t be back for a while because the moulds have gone pop again!

So, when are these new models released?

The Elysian Melta Squad and Equipment pack are available to pre-order for release from Monday the 4th of April onwards. The 120mm Space Marine is in stock and available to order right now. Remember, we’ve only got a few of this big guy so get one now or face possible disappointment.

Games Day Atlanta & Conflict! Edinburgh

Last call for these two events. If any of you are going to either Conflict! Edinburgh on the 13th or Games Day Atlanta on the 19th and want to be certain of getting what you want, Forge World is happy to reserve this for you. Either give one of our guys a call on the phone or drop us an email titled ‘Forge World Reservation’ to with your name, the event you want to collect your order at, and the list of what you want us to pack up especially for you. The only thing is, we need to have your reservation by the end of this Monday, the 7th, so we can get your order packed up and shipped over to Atlanta or onto the back of the van to Edinburgh.

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