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Hi everyone. In today’s issue of the Forge World newsletter we have our third batch of new Elysian Drop Troop releases, some landmines and minefield markers for you to take a look at.

Before I dive into the new models, the Forge World Events page now has a few links to some of the shows and events Forge World will be at in some capacity over the next month or so. Each page will be kept right up to date with news of what you can expect to see at the Forge World stand at that show such as new releases and if one or more of our designers will be there too. Details of when and how to place a reservation order can be found on these pages too.

Time for a little firepower methinks. I personally really like missile launchers in 40K. I enjoy having the flexibility that you get from being able to switch from anti-tank to anti-personnel fire each turn. This new Elysian Drop Troop Heavy Weapons squad scores even more points with me by allowing the option of each Trooper carrying spare missile tubes. As with all the Elysian Drop Troop squads Forge World has made, these guys can be made in an almost limitless variety of poses thanks to the large choice of different parts that go to make up the set. If you don’t like the way we have stuck this squad together then just make yours another way!

If you prefer to get a little closer to your enemy then the next unit might be one to consider. This Elysian Special Weapons Squad is primarily armed with two flamers and a Trooper carrying a demo’ charge in case something juicy comes their way. The Elysian flamer is a big favourite of mine because it is just a couple of canisters of fuel connected to a flexible hose with a pipe to point at the target. I think it looks brutally simple and I love it!

Probably about five minutes after we showed the first Elysian Drop Troop squads people started asking if they could buy the Elysian lasguns separately. Well, as of today you will be able to order a large pack of weapons that does include some of those very popular lasguns. The pack includes 4 regular lasguns, 2 equipped with under-barrel grenade launchers, 2 laspistols and empty holsters, 2 grenade launchers, 2 melta-guns, 2 plasma guns and 2 of those beautiful sniper rifles. These weapons could be used for all manner of different things including changing the load-out of some of your Elysian squads, dioramas, kill-teams, the list could go on and on.

Finally! Something to mark out minefields in games of 40K so we don’t have to use spare dice or bits of paper!  And if you prefer to make your own markers we also have a pack of individual Imperial landmines too. In both of these packs there are anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, so I reckon pretty much everyone will want to avoid the area you booby-trap.

The Imperial Landmines, Minefield, both new Elysian squads and the Elysian weapons pack are all available to pre-order now over the phone and online at We will start shipping these pre-orders out from Monday the 4th of April.

A small new thing to finish off today’s newsletter. More often than not, when we show a new model in a newsletter the photos are of an unpainted or, at best, undercoated example. Forge World does get at least one of each of our new models painted up to use for taking to shows and in our ‘Imperial Armour’ range of books. We do put these painted pictures onto our website too but you might not notice as we do have quite a range these days! This is why we thought we might start putting a few links into our newsletters so you can see the great work our painters are doing and perhaps even give you some inspiration.

That’s it for this newsletter I’m afraid, but we’ll be back with another one very soon.

Ewen Little.
Forge World.


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