Forge World Newsletter #180

There are some nice new Epic Scale Ork Flak Gunz & Flak Wagon announced in this newsletter, which will make some nice reinforcements for my Ork Epic army. Hopefully at some point Forge World will make some more Epic Ork stuff which is not just for Aeronautica Imperialis.


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Here at Forge World we`re busy preparing for the onslaught of Games Days we have all over the world in the next two months, and we should have quite a few surprises and cool models in store for you. Yet we still have three new releases for you now in the shape of new Ork Flak Gunz and Flak Wagon in Epic scale for Aeronautica Imperialis, and the much anticipated Death Korps of Krieg HQ Command Squad for Warhammer 40,000.

Alan Bligh

Death Korps of Krieg Command HQ Squad

I know many of our customers have been waiting with baited breath for the release of the Death Korps of Krieg HQ Command Squad, and I hope you`ll agree it`s been worth the wait. Extremely detailed and characterful, this HQ Command Squad is another fantastic addition to our Death Korps range sculpted by Simon Egan. The squad features a senior officer standing impassively surveying the battlefield, two troopers with lasguns, a master-vox operator, and an ensign carrying a regimental standard that should leave no-one in doubt as to the Death Korps` nature or intent. The officer in particular is a stand-out model for me, clearly sharing much in terms of uniform with the Krieg Death Riders, there`s a lot of truly stunning detail that Mr Egan has lavished on his design from the Imperial Aquila gorget to the life-like way he`s sculpted the hang of the officer`s coat. It`s a great model and one of the reasons I think this squad`s going to be popular not just with Krieg players, but with hobbyists and painters of all types.
Full rules for the Death Korps of Krieg Command Squad can be found in Imperial Armour Volume 5: The Siege of Vraks.

Epic Scale Ork Flak WagonOrk Flakwagon Epic Scale Ork Flak Gunz & Flak Wagon

New for Aeronautica Imperialis (not to mention your games of Epic) are new Ork Flak Gunz and Flak Wagons, designed by Will Hayes. These highly detailed little beauties look great with their quad barrelled shoota cannon and are ready to rip enemy aircraft out of the sky in a suitably loud orkish hail of lead.

Forthcoming Events

Forge World will be attending Games Day Chicago on the 28th of July, Games Day Germany on Sunday the 5th of August and Games Day Los Angeles on the 11th of August.

Games Workshop

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