Forge World Newsletter #179

Epic Ork Heavy BomberFor me one of the key parts of this newsletter is the picture of what to me looks like an Epic Ork Heavy Bomber. True we only get to see the nose, but what else could it be. I do hope that we see this soon.

What do you think?


Hello All,
This newsletter sees the release not only of a much-requested new tank variant in the shape of the Macharius with Vanquisher Cannons, but also our new Epic Scale Sabre Platforms and some exciting hints at the future of Aeronautica Imperialis too!

Alan Bligh

Macharius With Vanquisher Cannons

As the first variant of our Macharius Heavy Tank, the new Vanquisher cannon armed model is indeed a brutal looking beast and every inch the armoured killer, and what`s more it looks the part to as you can see Here. This variant`s twin Vanquisher cannon make it a tank-destroyer with few equals on the Warhammer 40,000 battlefield and a serious threat even to other super-heavies, with its Vanquisher anti-tank shells able to pulverise even the most heavily armoured target into wreckage.

The Macharius with Vanquisher Cannons is available for pre-order now for release from the week commencing 30th July.

Epic Sabre Defence Platforms

Also available to pre-order now for release on the 30th of July are our new Epic Scale Sabre Platforms. These finely detailed small models are equipped with long-barrelled AA mount autocannons, and are a very characterful way of bolstering your ground defences during a an AI game, and of course are also perfectly usable in your games of Epic as well.

Full rules for using air defences and Sabre Platforms can be found in the Aeronautica Imperialis Rulebook.

The Sabre Defence Platforms are available for pre-order now for release from the week commencing 30th July.

New On The Horizon

Those of you who have become converts of our air combat game Aeronautica Imperialis (and if not, one is forced to wonder, why not?) have been enquiring for a while whether or not we have anything more in the pipeline for the game. Well I`m happy to say that the powers that be have let me inform you that the answer is an emphatic `yes` Not only are there just some great new aircraft on the way, we also have a new Imperial airbase set and a new supplement book in preparation for the game, all of which we hope to have for you very soon. Keep an eye for more news on this in future newsletters.

Forthcoming Events

We`ve a busy schedule in the coming months, we will be attending Games Day Chicago on the 28th of July where we will have a good selection of our stock for you to purchase, including a few pre-release items and our much sought-after Show Only Models, as well as previews of what we have in store. You want to place a reservation order for this event to pick up and pay for on the day, it should reach us by this Friday (the 13th no less!)

Forge World also will be attending Games Day Germany on Sunday the 5th of August and Games Day Los Angeles on the 11th of August, and the cut off date for reservations to reach us for both of these events is Friday the 27th of July.

If you`d like to place an order to reserve items to pick up and pay for on the day, you can do so by sending an email entitled with the games day you`ll be attending and containing with your order details and full name to our Forge World inbox at Once your order has been successfully placed we`ll send you a confirmation email to let you know. Also, it`s good to remember that the earlier you place your reservation with us the better, as some of the popular new items may only have limited stock.

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