Forge World Newsletter #164


Hello everyone,
And welcome to the first newsletter of 2007, and the first newsletter of what you can be sure will be a packed year of cool new stuff and hobby goodness from us here at Forge World. So without further ado, onto the news …oh, and a Happy New Year!
Alan Bligh
Forge World.

All Good Things..

One urgent piece of intelligence we have for you this newsletter is the ending of our holiday period postage offer. This offer will end at 9am on Monday January 8th. So, if you wish to benefit from our offer of free first class shipping to anywhere in the world on orders of £100 or more in value, including pre-orders for the new Death Korps of Krieg models released on January 29th, your orders must reach us by this date and time. (No exceptions, even for bribes and pledges of your eternal soul!) However, just to remind you that our offer of free express shipping on orders of £250 or more in value will continue as normal.

Screaming Jets!

The thunderous release of our new `Aeronautica Imperialis` game continues apace, and just to let all of you who have already ordered know, we started shipping them out en masse at the beginning of the week, with new stock of the various aircraft coming into us all the time. (And if you haven`t ordered a copy of our spiffy new game yet, why not? …all the cool kids are doing it). But just in case you need even more tempting you can take a look at some of the plush page spreads from this mighty lexicon of all things air war in the 41st millennium Here.

Some good news for Aeronautica players is that a free PDF formatted download of the Fuel & Ammo record sheet is available from our website for use in your games Here. This will save you having to photocopy the one in the back of your rulebook, -just download and play.

Also, packs of the full colour `Aeronautica Imperialis` manoeuvre cards (containing 2 sheets each) are available to purchase separately now from our online store Here. These are the same cards that you get with the rulebook, but we thought they’d be handy if for those of you with budding squadrons on the way and wanted extra.

Keep an eye out of for more `Aeronautica Imperialis` releases in the coming months, which will include every aircraft that`s included in the new rulebook, from the Thunderhawk Gunship to the Phoenix Bomber, more details on just `what and when` you will find in forthcoming newsletters.

Thudd Guns (and an apology)

As you may know, the new Imperial Quad-Launcher, better known as the Thudd Gun, is currently available to pre-order from us (you can find it on our online store Here), unfortunately a mistake on our part meant that you couldn’t download the advertised experimental rules, so our apologies for that, -you can quite definitely get hold of them Here, (and those responsible for the hiccup will be kept away from an over-abundance seasonal `cheer` in the future, fear not!).

Also to whet your appetite for these devices of battlefield slaughter, you can find a painted example of this new artillery piece Here. More Death Korps of Krieg stuff coming soon

Thudd Gun

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