Flames of War – Battle of the Bulge, coming soon…

Back in February 2011 in a blog post I discussed what we might see if Battlefront released a Battle of the Bulge supplement for Flames of War.
In the July issue of Wargames Illustrated we shall see news of “Devil’s Charge” the Flames of War supplement covering the Battle of the Bulge. No news yet on possible model releases but just from the cover I suspect we might see a Schwimmwagen and a King Tiger.

Will we see allied forces? Don’t know, but I would like to see a Comet and the M24 Chaffee.

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  1. Go to the FOW website and click on ‘Blood, Guts and Glory painting Challenge: the American Forces’ in the ‘Recent Articles’ section. Scroll down to the bottom; there’s a picture of ten assembled and unpainted tanks: if they aren’t M-24 Chaffees I don’t know what is…

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