Fantastic fantasy scenery from the talented hands of Dave Andrews…

In the most recent UK White Dwarf, issue 325, January 2007, was a battle report.

Battle Report: March of the Damned: We take two of Warhammer game’s toughest characters and pitch them headlong into mortal combat with one another. Will the evil of Manfred Von Carstein win out, or will the nobility of Kurt Helborg take the day?

This battle report featured three superb fantasy buildings, alas though they were shown in a few photographs, they were quite difficult to see. It was promised that more would be seen in the next issue of White Dwarf.

I was lucky to take photographs of all three buildings at GamesDay 2006. So here they are a month before White Dwarf.

I have posted two of the buildings before on the blog.

The buildings are from the talented hands of Dave Andrews and include this observatory.

Observatory by Dave Andrews

A wonderful boat building combination.

Also a building with some wierd undead type thing on the roof.

They are really well done and very Warhammer’ish.

Pity that we won’t see Forgeworld versions!

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