Elysian ATV or FAV

One of the very few sneak previews from GamesDay 2009 today was the Elysian ATV or FAV.

Elysian ATV

Designed to be carried and air dropped by a Valkyrie it’s a nice change from the many tanks the Imperial Guard normally have.

This is still very much a work in progress and may not bear any resemblance to the finished model.

As indicated in the contents of the forthcoming Imperial Armour book there will be a heavy lift version of the Valkyrie which can be used to carry the ATV or FAV.

More photographs from GamesDay 2009 coming soon.

5 thoughts on “Elysian ATV or FAV”

  1. These could be a good weapons platform for elysian armies. or even a simple hq or squad transport. besides it is pretty nice for the fluffy folk out thare that wonder what the IG version of a HUMVEE is.

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