Dystopian Wars Reborn

Dystopian Wars Kingdom of Britannia Ruler Class Battleship HMS King Richard IIIIn my recent blog post I reminisced about the demise of Spartan Games and the demise of their fabulous steampunk game, The Dystopian Wars.

Though as quoted in an TMP thread:

“A game is never dead as long as rules and players exist, or rather, a game is as dead as players want it to be”.

This is very true, but as a long time Epic player, it can be challenging to keep playing a game without new miniatures, new players and to be honest other new and exciting stuff being released by other companies!

However having said all that it was really nice to hear that The Dystopian Wars is to be reborn!

Warcradle studios have announced that they have acquired the rights to The Dystopian Wars.

We are proud to announce that we have acquired all rights and materials relating to the Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and Uncharted Seas settings.

They go onto say

We are committed to producing an exciting range of new plastic and resin miniatures to support the growth of our games. These will build on the established releases as well as introduce new narrative and competitive gaming opportunities.

Here is the full video of the announcement.

It’s early days, so apart from the announcement, there is nothing else to see or read at this time.

I hope that they take stock of the issues that beset Spartan Games. One thing I hope to see again are Dystopian Wars blisters in the shops, as well as boxed sets.

I doubt they will, but considering that the originals are 3D computer files, I hope that we could see a 25/28mm version of Dystopian Legions, rather than the 32mm that was originally released.

Well good luck Warcradle.

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