Detailing the Rhino

Have been working on my Horus Heresy Deimos Pattern Rhino. I put the Rhino model together and then gave it a white undercoat. I painted the the whole model yellow using a Daemonic Yellow spray from Army Painter. I then picked out some details, the exhausts and bolters using Leadbelcher. The stage after that was to wash the model using some Shade paint. The model was then drybrushed. I  then attached the painted tracks to the Rhino.

I have been added details to the models such as the headlights and other features such as enhancing the towing hooks on the front.

For the front headlights I used Citadel Layer Dorn Yellow. I then did the protective grilles with Citadel Base Abaddon Black. I do need to touch and neaten these up before adding some Citadel Base Leadbelcher highlights. For the other lights in the headlights I used Citadel Base Mephiston Red.

For the towing hooks I used Citadel Shade Seraphim Sepia.

I also used Citadel Shade Seraphim Sepia to add some rust and shading effects to the tracks and some of the bolts.

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