Deimos Pattern Rhino

The Rhino is the most widely used armoured personnel carrier in the Imperium. Based on ancient STC technology, the fundamental design is robust, reliable, and easy to maintain, with an adaptive power plant that can run off a wide variety of fuels.

I was pleased to see one of the new Horus Heresy releases announced at Warhammer Fest was the Plastic Deimos Pattern Rhino. So when it was available for pre-order I clicked through and ordered the kit from my local FLGS.

Having finished painting them, I photographed them on my desert terrain board.

I was lucky enough to get a second Rhino for a Christmas present. This I painted in the same way as the first Rhino.

See the workbench feature on the first Deimos Pattern Rhino.

See the workbench feature on the second Deimos Pattern Rhino.

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