Deciding on the Fate of a Nation

Fate of a Nation
When Battlefront released miniatures and models for the Vietnam War, I was quite tempted, but didn’t buy any models, the as the era isn’t one where there were lots of tank battles and to be honest that’s the main reason I play Flames of War. Secondly I already have way too many models to paint anyhow…

Despite the fact I still have too many models to paint, I am quite intrigued by gaming this era and I do like the models. The Centurion, which we first saw as ANZAC reinforcements for the Vietnam Era makes a reappearance with both sides of the conflict. We also see the T55 and modern American built tanks alongside the older T34/85 and Sherman tanks.

As for forces, Simon has spoken about playing the Jordanians, as they have the Centurions and British style organisation.

As a consequence I did consider going for Egyptian as I did like the idea of the T55, but as I do like the Centurion I will probably go Israeli, and I get to use Shermans too. I also like the fact I can use M3 Half Tracks, however in 1967 Israel didn’t have any M113 APCs.

Of course if successful, I can see Battlefront expanding the range next year.
I have been considering alternative history options as well, imagine if the Americans sent in a force of Marines, M60 tanks, helicopter gunships and Grunts? Or what about if the UN sent a peacekeeping force of British troops, Soviet tanks, East Germans?

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