Dark Angels Thunderhawks

Dark Angels Thunderhawks travel across an industrial sector in support of marines on the ground.

The Thunderhawk gunship is used by the Adeptus Astartes as their primary means of deploying forces for ground combat as well as their primary source of air support. The Thunderhawk gunship is often considered the lynchpin of any Space Marine Chapter, as it is able to fulfill many combat roles. The Thunderhawk is fully capable of functioning as an orbital drop ship, a heavy ground attack gunship, or as a bomber. The aircraft is able to quickly carry Space Marine forces from orbiting starships down into the midst of a battle, while at the same time providing supporting fire against enemy ground or air targets.

Dark Angels Thunderhawk firing rockets at the enemy.

Dark Angels Thunderhawk swooping out from its strafing run.

View of the industrial sector.

A close up of the Munitorum Armoured Containers which are being transported by rail.

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