Codex Orks

Released yesterday, however I got my copy of Codex Orks this afternoon.

Ork Codex

I am quite pleased with it, but though much bigger than the old Codex, I would like to have seen more colour pages in there.

The codex does change the Orks quite a bit and it will take some getting use to the new rules, it only feels like I was getting use to the old ones.

Nice to see the return of the Shokk Attack Gun and  it looks nasty so I might get one!

I had intended to get a Trukk today alongside the Codex, but my local GW had sold out!

More thoughts another time.

One thought on “Codex Orks”

  1. I’m glad to see the changes they made because most of them are the reasons i didn’t like it in the first place. im sad to see the choppa rules go but the lowered boyz point cost makes Codex Orks the mob army it always should have been.

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