Cheaper Second Edition

Just bought Star Wars X-Wing Second Edition on Amazon for just £12.99.

Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Second Edition

The boxed set includes three models, two TIE Fighters and an X-Wing.

From the skies of scarif in Rogue one to the climactic clash above Endor in return of the Jedi, starfighter have played a pivotal role in almost every defining battle of the galactic civil War. During these confrontations, the brave members of the Rebel Alliance faced seemingly insurmountable odds, squaring off against the merciless forces of the galactic Empire in intense, ship-to-ship space combat. Since its release, x-wing miniatures game has invited you to enter the Star Wars galaxy and play out your own battles with some of the series’ most iconic starfighter. LEADING custom-built squadrons into fast-paced, high-stakes battles, you’ve flown with the galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance, and the Scum and villainy of the galaxy in countless battles. You’ve modified your ships for every Scrap of speed, manoeuvrability, and firepower. Now, it’s time for a new chapter in your x-wing journey. X-Wing second edition puts you in command of your own Squadron of advanced starfighters locked in thrilling, tactical space combat. Following in the footsteps of the first edition, the second edition refines the intuitive and exciting core Formula of manoeuvring your ships into position by placing a central focus on the visceral thrill of flying Star ships in the Star Wars galaxy. With three fully assembled and beautifully pre-painted ships, and all the cards, movement tools, tokens, and dice that you need to get flying with the second edition, the x-wing second edition core set is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the new mechanics or experience x-wing for the first time.

In September last year I blogged about getting the first edition for this kind of price using Keepa. I forgot I had set up triggers for the second edition, so it was nice to get the alert to enable me to get it for the cheap price.

Buy it on Amazon.

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