Camouflaging the Bolt Action Home Guard Mark IV Tank

I am in the process of building a Bolt Action 28mm Home Guard force, I did want to add some armour to them with a Mark IV Male World War One tank put into service, even if it was merely as a mobile pillbox.

The Bovington Tank Museum has on display a Mark IV Male tank that was used just in this way. It was used in World War One and then presented to the Navy. When war broke out in September 1939, the Tank Mark IV (Male) number 2324 was refurbished for Home Guard duties.

Having constructed and undercoated the Mark IV Tank the next stage was a base coat of Army Green Spray from the Army Painter range.

Looking at the original photograph it was apparent that the Mark IV had a camouflage pattern that looked like the kind that was applied to early war British tanks.

Mark IV at HMS Excellent
Mark IV at HMS Excellent

I masked the Mark IV with blu-tak and duct tape.

I then used a Humbrol Tank Grey 67 spray for the dark colour.

I did the model in stages, mainly as I didn’t have enough blu-tak to do the model in one go.

I tried to copy the camouflage pattern as shown in the 1940 photograph.

This is the same view but with more spraying done.

The rear view. I am pleased with the way this turned out.

This is another view. the blu-tak did remove some of the base coat paint, so I will need to do some retouching up.

The next stage will be painting the tracks.


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