Bitz Online

Games Workshop have released online their bitz and collectors catalogue as a downloadable PDF, quite large at 10MB, but lots of colour pages.

Alas very few bitz!

Is it just me, but once you remove all the collectors stuff, they are only selling a very limited range of bitz?

I knew that they were going to collate bitz together, but it seems whole ranges of models are now no longer available.

That’s a pity.

2 thoughts on “Bitz Online”

  1. They did announce last year that a lot of bits were going to be canceled and that the range was going to be consolidated. It was pretty much the big talk of the GW-related forums and caused quite a stink. 🙁
    To be honest, I’m far more disappointed about what happened to Black Industries (especially as it relates to Dark Heresy) than I am with this.

  2. Apparently they’re going to expand and offer more bitz packs.
    The latest UK White Dwarf pushes the Vampire related ones (Gothic scenery and coffin shields).

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