Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum Imperialis

I have had the Manufactorum Imperialis box on my wishlist for a while now.   When I visit a gaming store I always promise myself that I will buy it if there isn’t something else I want or what I want isn’t in stock. Alas even when it has been at the top of my shopping list I have found it was either not stocked or unavailable. So was pleased to receive the box recently as a present.

The Manufactorum Imperialis box allows you build terrain and scenery for your Adeptus Titanicus battle.

Across the war-torn worlds of the Age of Darkness, Titans battle amongst ruined cities. Some of the most hotly contested battlefields are industrial sectors, their resources greatly desired to repair and refuel the mighty god-machines and their allies.

The Manufactorum Imperialis box has 234 parts to build 26 pieces of terrain.

I do think that the box does show that GW has both the potential and the technical capability to deliver an Adeptus Titanicus version of Epic 40000 or (Epic) Space Marine in this new(ish) scale. Technically they can do it, however I suspect the reason they wouldn’t is that they don’t have the capacity to stock and sell the range of models required (and would be demanded), and I also think there is a real risk it would (at the larger scale compared to Epic) it could cannibalise sales of the full size Warhammer 40K. There is also the pricing issue, I would expect the prices of any Adeptus Titanicus scale tanks to be quite high.

For example original metal 1997 Epic 40000 Thunderhawk was £7.00, whereas the Aeronautica Imperialis Thunderhawk plastic kit has a list price of £28 four times as expensive. Yes it has been over twenty years, but even so this means we would be paying over £6 for an Ork vehicle and £12 for a Land Raider if GW ever did go down a path of making vehicles and infantry for Adeptus Titanicus.

Ah well, one can dream.

There are four sprues in the box, two of the larger sprues with the cranes on.

There are two smaller sprues for the containers and other smaller pieces of terrain.

One consideration is how to use the terrain, as individual pieces or to base them, or to add them to a terrain board. So how do you use your Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum Imperialis terrain?

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