Ork Kommandos

A Kommando is an Ork Boy specialist who prefers to rely on “kunning trikz” instead of fighting his opponents head-on like most other Greenskins. Kommandoz serve as the Orks’ infiltrators and saboteurs, and are masters of the arts of stealth, ambush, unconventional tactics and striking at the opponent from a totally unexpected quarter.

At GamesDay 2006 I purchased a box of Ork Kommandos.

These are a recent release from Games Workshop as part of the Medusa V campaign. One of the rare Ork releases until the release of the Ork Codex sometime in the latter half of 2007.

The Orks come in quite a few components, and each as their own backpack, with the Nob backpack also having a Grot hiding in the top.

Though obviously released as Ork Kommandos they could be used as Tankbustaz.

I put the Ork Kommandos on their bases.

I have decided to paint their backpacks separately, so will need to mount them somehow.

The boss (Nob) has a separate arm and head, so I stuck them on.

One of the nice touches (and Jes Godwin told me this) is the bullet hole in his left boot just below his Slugga holster.

It’s as though one day, he was holstering his pistol and BANG!

I have added materials from the urban basing kit to my Ork Kommandos.

I didn’t use any of the resin pieces, but used the large and small slate. I think I will add some barbed wire as well.

I initially decided to paint their backpacks separately, so thought of how I would need to mount them. After much thought (and a fair bit of procrastination) I decided against that idea and stuck the backpacks on.

Here is the Kommando Nob (Boss)’s backpack complete with Grot.

I have based my other Ork bosses on 40mm bases, so I might at some point rebase him, but for the moment he can stay on his smaller base (well he is an infiltrator).

The Kommandos come with two different backpacks, I’ve thought with the Stikkbombz and Tankbombz that these models would make good Tankbustaz.

The boyz…

Here is the Kommandos Mob complete with Big Shoota and Burna, now they need their black undercoat.

The models were given a black undercoat.

After spraying the undercoat needed touching up with thinned down Chaos Black.

I am going to follow an idea I used with my Stormboyz, but instead of browns, I am going to use greens.