The Horus Heresy

An Age of Darkness has descended upon the galaxy. Horus Lupercal, Warmaster of the Emperor’s armies, has turned against his gene-father and sent the Imperium spiralling into bloody civil war. Of the eighteen great Space Marine Legions, finest of all humanity’s soldiers, fully half have sided with the traitorous Warmaster, while the remainder stand staunchly loyal to the Emperor. It is a war of brother against brother, Space Marine against Space Marine, which has seen the might of the Imperium’s vast armies turned upon itself in a cataclysm of fire and blood.


The Horus Heresy Workbench

Miniatures Gallery

Deimos Pattern Rhino
Deimos Pattern Whirlwind Scorpius
Deimos Vindicator Laser Destroyer
Javelin Attack Speeder with Missile Launchers
Mastodon Heavy Assault Transport
Sicaran Arcus Strike Tank
Sicaran Venator
Typhon Heavy Siege Tank