Fantasy gaming is one of the most popular types around. Dwarves are a favourite amongst fantasy gamers and these photographs are from my collection as well as photographs from GamesDay and Warhammer World.

Dwarf Lord with Pistol
Dwarf Lord with Pistol

This Robin Hood Dwarf is a really old 1980s Citadel Miniature, which was on display in the Archive cabinets at GamesDay 2006.
Long Drong’s Slayer Pirates
Long Drong’s Slayer Pirates are a Regiment of Renown.
Some 'Eavy Metal Dwarves as seen at GamesDay 2006.
Some ‘Eavy Metal Dwarves as seen at GamesDay 2006.
Dwarf Gyrocopter
Gyrocopters are revolutionary flying machines that provides the armies of the Dwarfs with dedicated aerial support or as a form of fast reconnaissance.
Warhammer Dwarfs
These old Warhammer Dwarfs were on display at Warhammer World.