Wartrakk II

This model was originally designed for Gorkamorka, and then became part of Warhammer 40K with Codex Orks. See the latest updates here.

For information on how I painted my original Wartrakk look here.

I intend to follow the same process I used for the Grot Bomb Launcha.

I started by gluing the engine component together and added an Orc Glyph from the Orc Warriors shield sprue.

Rather than use the supplied tracks I wanted to do something different which would make the Wartrakk look different to the others in my army. Using some old Imperial wheels and tracks (which I got in a Gorkamorka Gubbinz bag and had already glued together) I cobbled two tracks using three wheels. The tracks were a bit rubbish as they were broken as I broke them from the original scratchbuild tracks for a model that I really never started.

I added some plastic strip at the back so I could then glue them to the hull of the Wartrakk.

A quick fit later and I was quite pleased with the result.

This was then how it was looking.

I added some armour plates using plasticard, which I “distressed” with a craft knife.

I used some spare Imperial track to add some more armour.

Slices of plastic rod were then added as rivets to both the front…

I added some rivets to the frontal armour plate and used the searchlight from the Chaos Vehicle sprue.

I also drilled out the exhaust as well.

I have undercoated my Wartrakk using a white undercoat.

The next stage as you can see here is to paint the metal parts black.

The black was then drybrushed with Tin Bitz and then with Boltgun Metal.

The body and fuel tank of the Watrakk was then given a base coat of Vomit Brown.

The seat was painted in Snakebite Leather.

Having finished the base coat I gave the Wartrakk a wash consisting of Chestnut Ink, Scorched Brown paint (which helps remove the gloss of the ink) and some water to thin the wash down.

I did also give the model a drybrush of Vomit Brown as well.

I also painted the front glyph, using Goblin Green for the “head” and Bleached Bone for the “teef”.

I then drybrushed the model to accentuate the detail and highlight certain areas.

Here is the Wartrakk with it’s cousin.

I started on the rider. I didn’t want to use the standard rider which comes with the plastic Wartrakk model, so I used the legs and added the right arm from the rider to the standard torso from one of the plastic Ork Boyz. I added a left arm hand weapon, partly because I had run out of Shooty Boyz weaponry and partly because it is different. The head is also from the Ork Boyz sprue.

I will be giving him a black undercoat.

I gave the rear gunner a black undercoat, though I am painting three up (I had a spare from a Grot Bomb Launcha).

I have a few of these models and after deciding to finish off my Grot Bomb Launcha models, I thought I would also finish these as well.