Heavy Weapons Boyz II

In the blister you get two models, an Ork with a Heavy Shoota and one with a missile launcha. I start off with a white undercoat.

I then changed my mind and went with a black undercoat and then do all the metallic bitz with a drybrush of tin bitz and chainmail.

I then do all the Ork skin with a dark green.

The next stage is to highlight with Goblin Green before doing final highlights with a mixture of Goblin Green and Bleached Bone.

Before then, time to use Citadel’s new foundation paints.

This is the first time I used the new Citadel Foundation Paints on a miniature. I painted the rokkit cone of one of my Orks with a Rokkit Launcha using the red. The paints seemed rather thick, but did cover well (it does what it says on the tin). I then tried other paints on some other Orks. I think they are going to be useful for the miniatures I use a black undercoat on.

Ork with Rokkit Launcha

Remembered to paint the spare rokkits.

Ork with Rokkit Launcha

Having used foundation paints for the basecoat of the Ork Rokkits I then painted them with normal citadel colour. It seems to work as advertised, which is nice.

Ork with Rokkit Launcha

So this is where I am with the two metal models, I have painted the bases Codex Grey and highlighted the skin tones.