Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set

Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set

One of my Christmas presents, was the Necromunda Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set.

These highly detailed pieces of terrain allow you to build your very own dark and gritty corner of the Necromundan Underhive. They can be used to make a variety of board sizes, from narrow corridors and abandoned dwellings, to sprawling industrial complexes. This contains a set of four 12″ square plastic Zone Mortalis floor tiles.

Zone Mortalis: Floor Tile Set

I had been thinking for some time in getting this set, for small games of Warhammer 40000, but also for games of Star Wars: Legion. So was pleased to get a box for Christmas.

In terms of painting, I am thinking simplicity, dark grey base coat, drybrushing and weathering. I have some Forge World weathering powders as well.

You get a set of four identical 12″ square plastic floor tiles.

I gave them a light white undercoat.

This was then followed by a spray of Mechanicus Standard Grey Spray.

The next step will be further painting, washes and weathering. I have decided not go down the hazard warning stripe road that you see on the box.