Morris CS9 Armoured Car

The Morris CS9/Light Armoured Car was a British armoured car used by the British Army in the World War II. The vehicle was based on a Morris Commercial C9 4×2 15-cwt truck chassis. On this chassis a rivetted hull was mounted with an open-topped two-man turret. The armament consisted of either Boys anti-tank rifle and Bren light machine gun or Vickers machine gun. The vehicle carried a No. 19 radio set.

The prototype was tested in 1936. A further 99 cars were ordered and were delivered in 1938. Thirty-eight of these cars were used by the 12th Royal Lancers in the Battle of France, where all of them were destroyed or abandoned.

Morris CS9/Light Armoured Car

Another 30 served with the 11th Hussars in the North African Campaign. It was found that when fitted with desert tyres the vehicle had good performance on soft sand. However, its armour and armament were insufficient. The vehicle was retired halfway through the North African Campaign.

Morris CS9/Light Armoured Car

This is the finished version as seen on the Warlord Games website.

The pack contains a resin and metal kit.

I am intending to use mine with my Dad’s Army force.

The main part of the model went together fine.

Still not too happy about how I am going to glue the headlamps onto the vehicle.

Having glued the axels and wheels to the main hull, I glued the weapons to the turret. I also managed to stick the headlamps into place, this was much harder than it looks and it took a couple of attempts.

Morris CS9 Armoured Car

Morris CS9 Armoured Car

I gave the underneath of the model a black undercoat followed by a white undercoat.

Morris CS9 Armoured Car

Morris CS9 Armoured Car

Morris CS9 Armoured Car

The next stage will be the base coat. I will be trying to replicate this paint scheme which shows a camouflage disruptive pattern.

I gave the model a base coat of Cruiser Tank Green (700).

Finished off the basecoat.

A more recent photograph.

Another view.

I wasn’t too happy with it, so after a while I decided to give the model another basecoat of Army Green Spray from the Army Painter range.

The green is very similar. Then spray gave the model a smoother finish.

Once dry I masked the model with blu-tak.

I tried to copy the camouflage pattern as shown in the 1940 photograph.

Morris CS9/Light Armoured Car

I then used a Humbrol Tank Grey 67 spray for the dark colour.

The other side.

The next stage will be painting the tyres and detailing.