Photographic Terrain Tile – Grass

When taking photographs I use to create the scenery which took time to setup and time to break down.

Having less time means I don’t have time to setup the scenery. I have decided to build up some mini-scenery boards for photographic sessions. I got a cheap piece of MDF for 25pence which I cut into two pieces to make two lots of scenery boards.

The first thing I did was add some small stones to the board, you should be able to see an Ork battlewagon for scale purposes. I also glued some sand (from my son’s sandpit) to see how it looked.

Some large pieces of cork bark were added as cliffs.

…and as with all great movie props, held up by small bits of polystyrene.

This terrain board may be covered in snow or have a river.

Did some work on my photographic terrain boards, using a mixture of polyfilla (wall filler), white glue, brown paint, model railway ballast, model railway coal and some water.

Mucky and brown and lots of gunge, but works well.

Having used a mixture of polyfilla (wall filler), white glue, brown paint, model railway ballast, model railway coal and some water I added the mixture to the board.

Once this was dry, I spray painted the board.

I first used black spray, then a dark earth and finally a grey spray.

I now have to dry brush the terrain.

Due to a few gaps in the terrain I will be making this a green landscape with lots of foilage.

I drybrushed the rock face and the rocks with various shades of grey.

I then with a brush put some PVA (white glue) down before covering it with a Woodland Scenics grass flock.

Photographic Terrain Grass

This is a close-up of the Ork vehicle in the terrain.

Photographic Terrain Grass

Still needing to add some more foliage and some different flock to get a more natural feel.

I have now added some more foliage using a rougher Woodland Scenics flock and some lichen as a base to give it some depth.

Photographic Terrain Grass

You can now see the look I was going through with this cropped image.

Photographic Terrain Grass

This is a picture of my Ork Skorcha in the morning sun.

Ork Skorcha

I have based the look on real places and this was based on Cheddar Gorge.

I have added some more Woodland Scenics foilage to my grassy scenery board, it is now good to go…

Photographic Terrain Grass

As you can see from this crop it is now more verdant than before.

Photographic Terrain Grass

The Woodland Scenics used is very clumpy and quite difficult to work with and stick down so some is now loose.

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