Photographic Terrain Tile – Desert

When taking photographs I use to create the scenery which took time to setup and time to break down.

Having less time means I don’t have time to setup the scenery. I have decided to build up some mini-scenery boards for photographic sessions. I got a cheap piece of MDF for 25pence which I cut into two pieces to make two lots of scenery boards.

The first thing I did was add some small stones to the board, you should be able to see an Ork battlewagon for scale purposes.

A close up of the battlewagon.

The next stage was to add some expanded polystyrene (taken from an iPod box) to act as a backplate.

Then I glued in some cork bark.

The next stage is to put down some filler.

I decided to add some extra hillocks using two small bits of polystyrene.

Having used a mixture of polyfilla (wall filler), white glue, brown paint, model railway ballast, model railway coal and some water I added the mixture to the board.

After this was left to dry the next stage was to add the sand.

I used Games Workshop sand, which is not too fine (unlike my son’s sandpit sand) and also has tiny stones as well.

I flowed some PVA (white) glue into the scenery and then using a wet brush watered down the glue. I then covered this with the sand and left it to dry.

Leave it to dry for at least an hour and preferably overnight.

Having forgotten to take a picture of the intermediate stage from the last picture, I spray painted the scenery.

Starting off with a black spray for the rockface, this was followed by a rust red colour and finally a brown spray. The picture shows it just after I finished so the paint is still wet.

In case you were wondering the board is 19″ across and 14″ deep.

The above picture of the Photographic Terrain Desert was taken in the garage when it was still wet.

Here is a picture of it in the sun, now dry.

This picture shows (though it is still unfinished) how I am going to use it for photographs.

Here is a picture of my (slightly unfinished) Ork Landa and a FW Gunwagon.

Ork Landa and Gunwagon

They are on my new photographic terrain.

Ork Landa and Gunwagon

A closeup

Ork Landa and Gunwagon

One more shot.

Ork Landa and Gunwagon

I am pleased with the end result.