Warhammer 40K


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I have quite a large Warhammer 40K Miniatures Gallery, it is split into sections according to army and then most of the armies are split into HQ, Elites, Troops, Fast Attack and Heavy Support. I also have my original 40K pictures available as well.

I have been working on my Ork army for Warhammer 40K for too long now. You can see the progress in the Ork section of Jimbo’s Workbench. I am adding a Feral Ork element to this force as well.

Orks about to enter battle

I am also working on a Daemonhunters force which is taking just as long! With the Witch Hunters I aim to also build a small force of them!

Check out the battle reports, these mainly involved my Orks versus Simon’s Imperial Guard, though some are from shows.

Of course this is all for Warhammer 40K third edition, however I first started playing Warhammer 40K when the original Rogue Trader was released back in the 1980s. I had quite a few miniatures then, including Orks, Space Marines and Imperial Guard. Alas most of these I sold off on eBay but I still have some photographs.

Imperial Warhound Titan