Epic Capitol Imperialis

A Capitol Imperialis is a super-heavy tracked vehicle often used by the Astra Militarum as a mobile command base for the deployment and organisation of multiple regiments. The vehicle is heavily armoured and is protected by multiple Void Shields due its sheer size and slow speed, that of a brisk walk, which limits the vehicle to defensive roles during combat. The Capitol Imperialis is used by the Imperial Guard in large campaigns where multiple regiments, and possibly other Imperial factions such as the Adeptus Astartes and Adeptus Mechanicus, will be working cooperatively. The Capitol Imperialis allows a campaign’s commanders to meet in a secure place that can move along with the front line. The vehicle is designed as a mobile command post and base of operations, but its heavy armour and weapons loadout ensure that if engaged in combat, the Capitol Imperialis is capable of holding its own.

Capitol Imperialis at the Tank Factory

Overhead shot of the Capitol Imperialis alongside a Tank Factory.
Imperial forces on the move.